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The Year 2000 is the most important project in the history of our planet. Never had humanity such an opportunity to prepare itself for a new millennium.

Little do we realize how our lives have been shaped by a huge magnet hung in time: the year 2000. For more than 500 years people have been transfixed by this millennial year.

What is this all about? Millennial celebrations? Millennial compliance? Millennium community? Could the turn of the millennium be a turning point in our personal or corporate journey?

The Meaning of the Year 2000

michelango's david
The Turn: "Change of the Ages" by Hillel Schwartz

The End: "Requiem for the 20th Century" by M. Grosso

The Start: "The Long Boom to 2020" by Schwartz & Leyden

The Idea: "The Year 2000 Trajectory" by Daniel Bell

The Spirit: "The MillenniumA Spring Time" by Bill Renfro

The Year: "Anno Domini 2000" by Gene Edward Veith

How do we get beyond the Y2K Computer Crisis? Is millennial fever and techno- phobia distracting the church at the advent of the third millennium? How must the church change in order to be relevant to the 21st century? Let your views be heard on our bulletin-board. Enter the Magi Forum...

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Star of 2000 where millennial journeys begin
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