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"Jesus is far too important a figure to be left only to the theologians and the church."
                      Jaroslav Pelikan

Two thousand years ago a child was born in Palestine. As a man, he would leave his village of Nazareth to go out into his Jewish homeland with a radical message. The chain of events set off by his life is still felt today the world over.

Given Christ's 2,000th anniversary, how should we think about this extraordinary figure? How will the story of Jesus shape society in the third millennium?

In Honor of Jesus at 2000

candle One Call: "A Tribute 2000 Call" by Jay Gary

One Life: "One Solitary Life"Anonymous

One Birth: "If Jesus Had Never Been Born" by J.J. Reilly

One Star: "The Star of Bethlehem" by Susan Caroll

One Man: "The Man of the Millennium" by Tom Pelton

One Icon: "Celluloid Savior" by Michael J. Paquette

One World: "The Bimillennial Era Has Begun by J. Gary

quotes Why has civilization been so captivated by Jesus of Nazareth these past 2,000 years? Beyond millennium celebrations, how should we mark Christ's 2,000th anniversary? Click here to share your views on "Jesus at 2000" in our Forum.

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Star of 2000 where millennial journeys begin
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