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Church Futures Global Issues
Jesus at 2000 Jubilee Millennial
Spirituality Travel Reference


American Baptists: Proclaiming Jubilee Today

The Arab Church in the Holy Land at 2000

Celebrate Jesus 2000: evangelicals

The Holy See - Jubilee 2000: official documents

March for Jesus USA

New Start: English churches together for the millennium

Third Millennium & Jubilee Year 2000 (NCCB/USCC)


Future of Religion: 100 top research links

Christian Futures Network: forecasting the future of faith Time Magazine's religion & technology site

World Future Society: the professional study of the future

World Network of Religious Futurists


World problems & Solution Strategies

GEM Research: statistics of Christian missions

Global Ideas Bank

Millennium Institute: substainability resources and software


Star of 2000, Jesus Page, jubilee reflections

Christus Rex et Redemptor Mundi

Jesus 2000: AutoQuotes at Film reviews on spirituality

Jesus Christ: images, art and photographs

Historical Jesus links

Jesus of Nazareth in Early Christian Gospels


Star of 2000, where millennial journeys begin

The Vatican's Great Jubilee of the Year 2000

SOLT Jubilee 2000 Catholic website

Roman Agency for the Jubilee Preparation

In the Spirit of Jubilee...Proclaim a New Beginning

Y2000 Project: one life that changed history


Millennium and Year 2000 National Links

Center for Millennial Studies: millennial madness examined

Club 2000: Products and year 2000 events

Countdown 2000: links and coverage of year 2000 groups

Eschatology & Governance Reviews by John Reilly

Everything 2000: one-stop resource for all-things 2000

Expo 2000: Hannover World's Fair

Greenwich: Home of Greenwich Mean Time

Let's Talk 2000 Bulletin: the monthly heartbeat of 2000 A.D.

Talk 2000 Forum Archives: daily discussion by academics

Presence: experience life outside the box

Millennium 2000 Report

Millennium Communities--White House Millennium Council

Millennium Community Consulting by Jay Gary, 2000 Page, millennial reflections

Sydney 2000 Olympic Games

World Observatory of the Year 2000: from the Eiffel Tower

Year 2000 Information Center: Millennium Bug (Y2K)


Star of 2000, Magi Page: millennial journeys

Frequently Asked Questions about Calendars

The Nativity Pages: origins and reflections on Christmas


Books and Culture: A Christian Review

Center for Religious Humanism

FaithWorks, Integrating Faith and Life

First Church of Cyberspace

Great Books of Western Civilization

Image: A Journal of the Arts & Religion

Mars Hill Forum

The Millennium Pilgrim: post-modern reflections

Spirituality & Health: the Soul/Body Connection

TRAVEL, a virtual pilgrim to the holy land

Bethlehem 2000 Official Web Site

The International Center of Bethlehem

Jerusalem 2000: an invitation from the churches

Star of 2000, Travel Page: Bethlehem, Nazareth, Jerusalem


Amazon.Com: find the book you want to buy

Bibliofind: search for old and used books

DejaNews: search Internet discussion groups postings

Dogpile: multi-search engine

Library of Congress Home Page

Scholarly Journals Distributed via the Web

Shareware.Com: the way to find software on the Internet

Magi Jesus 2000 Links Travel Gift Shop Seminars

Star of 2000 where millennial journeys begin
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