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Mark the Millennium

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The third millennium has become a universal symbol of new beginnings to people all over the world. National governments and city municipalities are launching flagship projects and special events to set the tone for their future.

Since 1995 Jay Gary has specialized in helping communities frame out a millennial season (1999 to 2001) which cultivates a sense of place and a culture of peace. His consulting has assisted with such tasks as:

CORE VISION: helping stakeholders explore different visions and develop a brand name which unlocks civic pride and calls forth innovation.

COMMISSIONS: helping develop blue-ribbon Commissions to harness the energies of the private sector to reach the whole community.

COMMUNICATIONS: helping chambers of trade, tourism promoters & cultural organizations develop a unified public relations strategy
SPONSORS: offering strategy, formulas, and proposals which can be used to secure official sponsors for your millennial season.

PRODUCTS: developing licensing and merchandising strategies which can generate revenue from official products.

EVENTS: helping communities call for creativity and generating quality millennial proposals from existing attractions & festivals.

Jay Gary Jay Gary, aka the Millennium Doctor, is a recognized expert on the year 2000. Since 1995 he has served as a lead millennial consultant to cities and non-governmental organizations worldwide, as well as editor of the premier monthly trend letter for millennium planners, "Let's Talk 2000."

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