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Faith & Future Fluency

a seminar with Jay Gary

What new skills do leaders need in order to think creatively and critically about the future of society? How can we reinvent our ministry in light of those new contexts?

This seminar introduces "future fluency" or skills leaders can use to consider forecasts of the future. This series is best done in an intensive one or two day session, with a group that works together.

Faith and Future Fluency: Sessions:

1. Future Studies
Faith and the modern future studies movement, horizons of the future, the pace of change today, the role of strategic foresight in ministry leadership today.

2. Future Fluency
Looking for change: What is happening?
Monitoring cycles, trends, innovations, emerging issues and possible wild card events.
Considering implications: Who is affected?
Evaluating the impact of change trade-offs, cross-impact studies.
Imagining Differences: What are variety of possiblities?
Generating alternative scenarios of the future.
Envisioning Ideals: What is the ideal future?
Identifying visionary, ideal, or preferred scenarios of the future.
Planning Achievement: How do we make things happen?
Harnessing resources to reach a specific milestones.

3. Strategic Foresight
Creating forward looking learning organizations.

Questions for Discussion:

1. How has the divide between religion and science contributed to the dearth of religious futurist thinking?

2. Using a piece of paper, map out your image of the future.

3. What is the relationship between vision and leadership?

4. List the five future fluency skills leaders use.

5. As a result of this workshop, how do you plan to be more engaged in the future of your field?

Call us today at 1-719-636-2000 to schedule a plenary or multi-session program.

The Star The Journey The Gift The Hope The Future
Series by Jay Gary

Got a question about the focus of this series? Have a suggestion on how this series can be improved? Perhaps a book for its bibliography? Drop me a email.

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