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The Journey of 2000

a seminar with Jay Gary

Leslie Newbigin once wrote, "For the church to call for a new kind of society, she must herself be a new kind of society."

This seminar invites you to embark upon a journey beyond the modern age to be the church of the third millennium.

This is really a series on ship-building, or re-building a Christian world-view for a post-modern age. It asks, "Is the church seaworthy as she crosses into the new millennium?"

I first began doing this series in 1997 and have now given it in both college and congregational settings. I developed it in response to people asking me, "What comes after 2000?" So here is my "Come with me into Millennium III" series.

The Journey of 2000, Part One:

1. We stand at the End of an Age (not the end of the world).
At the closing hours of the second millennium.
In the final decades of the modern age.

2. We are called be the Jubilee Generation (not the terminal).
To proclaim the Year of the Lord's favor (Isa. 61:1-4).
To shape epoch making times.
To fulfill the Great Commission and to forward the Great Conversation.

3. God is raising up a new generation to enter a new land (Psalm 110).
To build a new landscape for a new millennium (Eph 2:21).
To seek Christ as the lord of the cosmos (Col 1:17).
To develop life as "holarchies" as well as hierarchies.

4. The next Great Awakening need not be limited to past contours.
Who will shape the religious revival of the third millennium?
Today's "revivals" are not spreading past church walls.
Tomorrow's may take new forms, but follow scriptural patterns (Hab. 3:2)
We must be commitment to epistemological home-building

The Journey of 2000, Part Two:

1. We are called to be a people of the Third Day (Hosea 6:2).
God in the "third age" of history: Joachim of Fiore
Becoming a "third church": early church, institutional church, world church
The church of tomorrow: in touch with both western and world civilization.

2. Our century is witnessing the "third try" for peace.
after the Cold War, confronting the "New World Disorder."
will there be world development: growth with fairness?
interaction of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indic civilizations.

3. We are called to meet human need and reduce the "collective structures of sin."
role of market forces, government and the civil society.
role of Christian missions and non-governmental organizations.

4. The future is ours to chose: Waterworld or Star Trek.
pitfalls of abberant millennialism.
the outlines of applied eschatology.

5. Creation awaits a church unleashed for the healing the nations.
caring about future spheres of society.
developing creative vocations at the edge of faith.

6. The church of the future is being birthed at this hour.
the church in space.
the rise of interplanetary civilization.

Questions for Discussion:

1. What do you think about the end of the millennium? In what specific ways do you see the arrival of the year 2000 influencing popular culture?

2. In your opinion, what meaning, if any, should the start of the third millennium in 2001 have for us? as followers of Christ? as citizens of north America or western society?

3. Jesus taught his followers to pray: "Thy kingdom come, thy will be done..." How does that kingdom come? in Christ? in your life? in society? in history?

4. What are the distinguishing characteristics of the Modern Age? What has been its dignity? What have been its downside?

5. Can you think of any ways in which the church has adopted the values or methods of the modern age and ended up contradicting the gospel?

6. How should we think about western civilization and the future of the world? How are the two intertwined? How are they separate?

7. Should we be talking instead about the future of "Christian" civilization or culture?

8. What is the mission of the humanities to the world community? What is the mission of the church in this respect?

9. What will your world look like in the year 2025? Locally and globally?

10. What potential development in your field over the next 1,000 years would be of the highest benefit to humanity if it were realized?

11. How does the risen Christ relate to the development of the 21st century? the future of our planet? inter-planetary civilization?

Call us today at 1-719-636-2000 to schedule a plenary or multi-session program.

The Star The Journey The Gift The Hope The Future
Series by Jay Gary

Got a question about the focus of this series? Have a suggestion on how this series can be improved? Perhaps a book for its bibliography? Drop me a email.

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