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The Gift of 2000

christ of the andes a seminar with Jay Gary

Starting with Abram's call by the living God, this series focuses on the story of redemptive history of Israel, its culmination in Christ, and the establishment of a New Covenant, a new creation, in world history through the church.

I first began doing this series 15 years ago with Youth With a Mission when people began requesting a popular overview of the Perspectives study program I developed. My title then was "Understanding World Evangelization." Through the years I have grown in my appreciation of how evangelization is a gift of grace, allowing us to live in God's new creation.

The series, which is normally done over a period of three days or 12 contact hours, includes the classic "Luna Game" which Olgy and I designed on cross-cultural communications and a team workshop on reaching the unreached peoples. Using everyday language, I unpack the heart of Christian theology, history, and mission strategy.

I can also do the series as part of a multi-night or weekend world missions conference in a local church setting. My focus is to see both youth and adults released in their calling as world Christians and to see evangelization as God's work of bringing forth new creation among all peoples, all cultures and all generations.

The Gift of 2000: Sessions

1. To Obey the Vision

To see as Abraham saw, to go as Abraham went, to serve as Abraham served.

2. God's Plan from Start to Finish

The plan at creation, the prophecy at the fall, the promise after Babel, the commission to Israel at Mt. Sinai, the crisis at the exile, the hope of the kingdom.

3. The Transformation of the Ages

The gospel of Jesus, the restoration of Israel, the cross and the coming, the hope of the early church, the overlap of the ages, great commission, the great calamity and the start of new creation.

4. The Mystery Behind History

The divine tapestry thru the centuries, the modern eras of mission history, the church & mission connection.

5. The Frontiers of Mission

World evangelization in this century, the unfinished tasks of tomorrow, the call to transformation, beyond tribalism or globalism, to the healing of the nations.

6. Experiencing a World of Difference

The Luna Gamea cross cultural simulation.

7. Responding to Human Need

The Global Trading Gamea social systems simulation.

8. Planning Together to Reach the Unreached

A small group workshop on frontier missions

9. The Tests of a World Changer

Lessons from the life of Abraham for today.

Questions for Discussion:

1. In what way was the calling of Israel through Abraham or at Mt. Sinai a "missionary call" to serve the nations?

2. How did Jesus fit into the Judaism of his day? What were the epoch shaping events before and after his time? What did he mean by "Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand?"

3. What were Jesus aims with respect to Israel? Did they change? Why did he die? What vision did he have for his generation?

4. How does the New Covenant bring forth a new creation in Christ with respect to individuals, society and civilization?

5. How is God's presence in human community, in the church, a gift of grace to world history?

6. What is the B.O.B.O. theory of history? Name an example from history that refutes it?

7. How does human history give witness that God is at work in the life of people, societies and civilizations?

8. What is the function of the local church and the mission agency in world evangelization?

9. According to Pauline theology, what is difference between evangelism and missions?

10. What unfinished tasks, both internal or external, face world Christianity as it enters a new century?

11. What have been the top four milestones in your journey as a world Christian?

12. What did you learn about yourself in playing the Luna Game? about cross-cultural communications?

13. During the Global Trading game, what did you learn about human need and injustice?

14. During our workshop on unreached peoples, what did you learn about teamwork? about the process of world missions?

15. How would you phrase your life mission statement? Explain its significance.

Call us today at 1-719-636-2000 to schedule a plenary or multi-session program.

The Star The Journey The Gift The Hope The Future
Series by Jay Gary

Got a question about the focus of this series? Have a suggestion on how this series can be improved? Perhaps a book for its bibliography? Drop me a email.

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