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The Star of 2000

a seminar with Jay Gary

This seminar is based on the book, The Star of 2000, the first book to anticipate what the 2,000th anniversary of Christ will mean to the world. It is filled with inspiration, projections and stories about how this season will unfold from 1999 to 2001.

This 4-part series explains how this jubilee will give society another look at Jesus and effect congregational renewal and community outreach. It can begin with a morning or evening keynote and be conducted in a more interactive format after that.

Keynote: Prepare The Way For 2000 (Isaiah 40:3-5)
A call to be waymakers for Christ's 2,000th anniversary.
This is the kairos time, the hour of preparation
We are called to be waymakers for the third millennium
Building royal roads for Christ and offering tributes
Taking the high road of "spiritual procession," rather than cultural warfare.

1. Looking To Jesus 2000
discover how Christ is the reason for the millennial season.
consider why Christ is worthy of public honor during his 2,000th anniversary.

2. The Millennial Journey
preview how the world will mark the new millennium and the implications to minister to a world of millennial pilgrims.
reflect upon what the third millennium could mean to the church.

3. Entering Jubilee Time
discover how churches worldwide are preparing to enter this historic season.
consider how the years 1999 to 2001 might be experienced as a season of jubilee, both personally and within our congregations.
preview various resources, whether in print or on-line, which can enrich your experience of Christ's 2,000th jubilee.

Questions for Discussion:

1. Prior to this seminar, what did you think about the year 2000?

2. How is our journey to the third millennium like the journey of the Magi?

3. In comparison to others in history, in what ways do you consider Jesus to be unique? What are his greatest gifts to civilization?

4. What would it look like for the world to experience "a God-given awakening of interest in the person of Jesus as we move toward 2000"?

5. How does celebration of a Jubilee season differ from mere partying?

6. Why will the year 2000 bring such a mixture of secular and sacred celebrations?

7. What is "spiritual procession"? How does that compare and contrast with "spiritual warfare"?

8. In what ways have you experienced a rebirth of worship in your life? In what ways would you like to experience it as you enter the third millennium?

9. How do you intend to light a candle for Christ in honor of His 2000th jubilee: in your heart? in your home? in your community?

10. What does the advent of the third millennium mean to you? What ought it mean to society?

Call us today at 1-719-636-2000 to schedule a plenary or multi-session program.

The Star The Journey The Gift The Hope The Future
Series by Jay Gary

Got a question about the focus of this series? Have a suggestion on how this series can be improved? Perhaps a book for its bibliography? Drop me a email.

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