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January 15, 1996, Volume 2, Issue 2

The heartbeat of 2000 A.D. from cyberspace"

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The Millennium Doctor Speaks
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The Millennium Doctor Speaks:

"Taking the pulse of 2000 A.D."

"It's time to market like its 1999!" Business have been cashing in on the millennium since the late '80s by naming their products after 2000. But now, a growing number of companies are allowing the millennial zeitgeist to shape their entire mission. This issue of "Let's Talk 2000" highlights both the successes and failures of companies which are working to celebrate the advent of the third millennium.

News from the Field:

"Here is the latest news on year 2000 efforts"

In 1991, Ross Rowland, Jr., president of the now bankrupt and dissolved "21st Century Limited Productions," set out in 1991 to create a $562 million entertainment and educational extravaganza for the turn of the century. Rowland's traveling "World's Fair" on a train garnered sponsors like Chrysler and Kraft Foods. But apparently due to oversized egos and mismanagement, what was to be America's premier millennial train ride is now off-track, bankrupt, and liquidated.

The "21st Century Limited" was to premier this month in Florida led by a steam-powered locomotive carrying more than 600 artifacts on its 75 city tour. The exposition on tracks was to be modeled after the Bicentennial "American Freedom Train" of 1976. It's cars intended to feature the technological advances of the 20th century and look ahead to the 21st.

But disputes in 1993 between Rowland and the company's former vice chairman, Ralph Weisinger, derailed this Lebanon, New Jersey project in courts. By February, 1995, the project ended up in bankruptcy court, with an anonymous person buying the name, "21st Century Limited." This past week, Rowland said that person might be Weisinger, who may plan before the millennium's end to roll out 21st Century Limited on seven big- wheelers for an American journey. New report from: begin@rmii.com

To celebrate the landmark event of 2000, Fulcrum, a major western publisher out of Denver, Colorado has released a series of Millennium 2000(tm) books and calendars that offers a look at the past century and the chance to dream about the future. The first of six titles is: Millennium 2000(tm) Journal (Fulcrum, 1995, ISBN: 1-55591-280-X, $24.95), a 2,000-day journal which allows people to celebrate the turning of the millennium, from now till May, 2001. The hardcover Journal features acid-free paper, lay-flat binding and tips on how to record personal experiences, family history, world and local events and books read.

In addition to the Millennium 2000(tm) Journal, Fulcrum has released, "This Day in American History," and "Women Speak," two "Millennium 2000(tm) Engagement Calendars" ($15.95 each). Three other books complete the series released for 1995,
20th Century America: 100 Influential People
20th Century America: Key Events in History
Sports in the 20th Century

Fulcrum says other Millennium 2000(tm) titles will follow as we approach the new century. Dr. Robert C. Baron serves as the Millennium 2000(tm) series editor. He is the Chairman of the Board of American Antiquarian Society and a member of the Western History Assocation. He is author of Soul of America: Documenting the American Past, Vol 1 & 2 (Fulcrum, 1994). Fulcrum Publishing, 350 Indiana Street, Ste 350, Golden, CO 80401-5093, 1-800-992-2908.

Talk from the Forum:

"Here is a recap of recent conversations"

You should listen to a Talk 2000 mom turned philosopher, Penelope Boston millennial change is really like housework. In her own words: "So, you ask, what do my Natural Circadian Housework Rhythms have to do with the Millennium? I believe that it is simply an individual expression of the basic impulses that we are collectively feeling with regard to the millennium. It is a chance to do a civilization-wide spring cleaning with a particular point in time as a target. People respond to deadlines. They help to order the universe for us, however artificially, as do our senses of time."

"I think I have decided that as a small and short-lived organism myself, that it is perfectly OK for the change of the millennium to matter to me for its own sake, that I do not need to endow it with properties and powers that it does not inherently possess. That I can celebrate it with as much hoopla and shallowness of purpose as I want. Alternatively, if I want to indulge in some sort of Great Work, I am free to do that provided that I realize that the millennium is merely a great excuse for doing what I would want to do otherwise and not some mandate from the Divine."

"So, I guess I'm not a magus after all, just a mensch slouching towards the Big Spring Cleaning and hoping to enjoy the results for the decades to follow during my own brief space of time."

New Millennial Sites:

"Here are new sites in cyberspace"

The artists and technologists of Cyberlab 7 are helping various "MTV" type mega-events, from techno-concerts to art extravangandas, to prepare real time millennial celebrations in cyberspace. Check out this media companies web site to see demos of these interactive, visual realities, which could well become a primary medium for festivals in the 21st century.

The contest has ended. For the past 9 months, the Times Square Business Improvement District carried out an international search for the best way to mark the millennium in New Yorks' Times Square, the Crossroads of the World. Read about the contest and results at:

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