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August 1, 1996, Volume 2, Issue 13, a bi-weekly bulletin

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The Millennium Doctor Speaks:
"Taking the pulse of 2000 A.D."

For months I've been telling folks, forget about the United States doing anything official about celebrating the millennium until after the Olympics and elections. Three weeks ago I was pleasantly surprised to hear that The Millennium Society had introduced legislation into Congress which calls for official celebrations of the year 2000. Our main feature below shares a summary of this proposed legislation, and the response to it. It is quite likely this will be a main thread on the daily Talk 2000 Forum before it comes to a vote this fall.

The big storm sweeping popular culture this past month has been the apocalyptic movie, "Independence Day." ID4 has grossed millions since its release. On Talk 2000, however, it was a flop! The fireworks were great, but the plot was sorely lacking. Anyway, check out its official web site below.

News from the Field:
"Here is the latest news on year 2000 efforts."

In an effort to spur on the United States to celebrate the year 2000, the Millennium Society introduced bipartisan legislation into the House (HR 3631) and Senate (S 1851) this past month. "The Millennium Society Act of 1996" calls for the United States to designate the non-profit charitable organization as the official body to administer and coordinate all activities in the U.S. that "celebrate the achievements of the second millennium, and promote greater achievements in the millennium to come..."

In introducing this bill to House on June 12, 1996, Virginia congressman Thomas Davis said, "Unlike the Bicentennial Commission which required Federal funding, this bill asks for no Federal funds. Title I of this bill provides the society with the official authorization and designation to administer millennium activities... and ensures that charitable proceeds will go to the Millennium Scholars Program. The organizers hope that this designation can operate much like the U.S. Olympic trademark."

Besides granting the Society with a "super trademark" associated with the millennium, the Millennium Act if passed, calls for commemorative postage stamps and the minting of commemorative coins in July 1999 to raise funds for the Society's international scholarship program.

Opinions by legislation specialists on the proposed Act are varied. William Renfro, public policy analyst and head of the National Millennium Foundation in Washington, D.C. feels Congress should consider millennium legislation, but advocates it contains a strong future view of the next millennium. In addition, Renfro recommends a public commission, rather than the designation of an existing society, to have exclusive jurisdication over the millennium celebrations in the U.S.

According to House sources, the Millennium Society Act is presently in various committees on banking and government reform and will not likely come to vote in August, given the legislative agenda is full for the next 30 days. Source: Bimillennial Press, talk2000@rmii.com

Three weeks ago, former Colorado governor (D), Richard Lamm declared himself independent candidate for president of the United States under Ross Perot's "Reform Party." One fact little known about Lamm is that he is a year 2000 author and one of the few practicing futurists in politics.

Lamm, also known as "Governor Gloom," wrote Mega-Traumas: America at the Year 2000 after leaving office in 1985. Mega-Traumas offered two scenarios of America at 2000, the first--a nation in bankruptcy, the second--a nation ready to enter the new millennium after making some tough choices.

Reflecting this millennial theme on July 9th, Lamm said, "America has to ask itself not what it wants, but what it can afford. The choices we make now will really determine whether the United States will maintain the mantle of greatness into the new millennium....So voters will have to decide for themselves whether my message is one of gloom or whether of hope. I firmly believe it is one of hope." Source: Bimillennial Press, talk2000@rmii.com

Speaking on behalf of the World Council of Churches, Secretary General Konrad Raiser declined an invitation from Pope John Paul II to participate in the Jubilee year 2000 celebrations, according to a July 18th interview in the Italian Republic Newspaper.

While the Protestant leader indicated support for the Pope's call for union among Christians, Raiser suggested that events such as the coming jubilee of Christ "must be thought about together" in an ecumenical way, rather than being planned by the Catholic Church, acting alone. Source: EWTN

Talk from the Forum:
"Here is a recap of recent conversations"

On July 10th, New Zealander, Paul Shannon <paulsh@xtra.co.nz>,introduced Talk 2000 to how the city of Gisbourne is approaching their millennium festivities:

"Odyssey's End 2000 has leased a huge site on the beach at Gisborne for what they're billing as the first party of the new millennium. Gisborne is renowned in this part of the world for being the first city to see the light, so the idea is to have a very big party which will be followed by a nine-month First Light Festival, leading up to the Sydney Olympics.

"Company principal Bill Griffith is mindful of just having a party and bailing out - he doesn't want to do that. As such the Gisborne District Council are right behind their plans to make infrastructural improvements in Gisborne.

"The Gisborne City Council also recognise the benefit that crossing into the millennium threshold first will bring to a city racked by unemployment.

"Technically Gisborne is not the first place to see the light each day - that distinction lies with the Chatham Islands out in a particularly inhospitable part of the Pacific due east of South Island city Christchurch. The other island groups of the Pacific that claim to be first have had the international date line bent around them to accommodate their claims.

"The Odyssey plan is to sell memberships to their Travel Club to fund the event. Only members will be able to attend. They are also seeking corporate sponsorship. Millions are needed to set up the party, the festival, and to make the roading, sewerage and accommodation improvements that will be necessary."

New Millennial Sites:
"Here are new sites in cyberspace"

BIRMINGHAM'S MILLENNIUM BID: "Taking the world's 1st great city into the next millennium"
To support their bid for British lottery cash to celebrate the millennium, the Birmingham city council established this web site to gather public support. Pending approval, they expect Millennium Point at Digbeth, Birmingham to have four great attractions - a Discovery Centre, a Technology Innovation Centre, the University of the First Age and, bringing the people and places together in a Millennium Hub. Millennium Point Team
The Council House, Victoria Square
Birmingham England B1 1BB
(44) 800 716 906

WORLD PEACE DAY: "The First Day of the New Millennium"
Imagine no conflicts anywhere on January 1, 2000 as the prelude to the next 1,000 years. This web site contains the "One Day in Peace" proposal by two new age advocates.

INDEPENDENCE DAY: "The End is Here!"
Grossing more than $233 since its release, Independence Day--The Movie is a UFO apocalyptic film, being hailed as the best action/sci-fi movie of 1996. Check out the official web site.

Contact Information:
"Your link to the third millennium"

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