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February 1, 1997, Volume 3, Issue 2, a bi-weekly bulletin

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The Millennium Doctor Speaks:
"Taking the pulse of 2000 A.D."

I have just returned froma three-week trip to Europe and the Middle East to confer with millennium planners. Up until now France has been a no-show for 2000, but now the French government has appointed a millennium officer.

Across the channel in the UK, planning for the millennium is in full swing. This past month, the Millennium Dome at Greenwich was down scaled some 200 million pounds, but the exhibit appear to be back on track. In the first feature below, I describe how a prestigious executive development firm in London is offering a May workshop to trade and tourism leaders on millennium location marketing and destination development.

Coming back to the States for me was a bit of downer. Millennium preparations have no gravitas whatsoever in the new world. They have been relegated to campaign slogans and Friday night Fox TV. In that regard, the MillenniuM TV show is slugging along at 54th in its Neilson ratings, and will likely be cut for next year. In my opinion, no big loss.

The millennium news in the U.S. these past two weeks has been Clinton's use of millennial metaphors during his second inaugural address. Our second feature looks at the Clinton millennium.

Finally, our Forum section features a discussion we had on millennium metaphors, specifically on the "awakening the millennial monster." The bottom line--best not play the sorcerer's apprentice. It is a lesson we all best learn in an age of darkness and light.

For those of you who receive just this bi-weekly letter, you are welcome to post any year 2000 news or views to our daily Talk 2000 forum. The email address is listproc@usc.edu.

News from the Field:
"Here is the latest news on year 2000 efforts."

London(BP)--In view of national governments and city authorities in Europe gearing up to mark the millennium with flagship projects, the "International Institute of Location Marketing" (IILM) in London has announced a executive development program this May 26-29, entitled, "Planning Millennium Events to Win Global Recognition."

"It is not too late to plan millennium events," states Sylvan Golden, the Institute's chief executive. "But the real question is whether your city or location will capture global attention." IILM's four-day $4,300 seminar aims to help government officials, political executives or directors of Ministries of Tourism or Chambers of Commerce discover whether their location has the right millennial stuff.

Golden admits that IILM's "Millennium Events" seminar will break new ground, but he is confident that their audience of 20,000 leaders in tourism and trade will respond. Up until now, their most popular seminars have been "Winning Foreign Direct Investment" and "Marketing the City." Golden reports response to the "Millennium Events" seminar from tourism and trade commissioners from the Middle East planning to celebrate the bimillennium.

IILM's "location marketing" seminar for the millennium was designed in partnership with Professor Patrick Wakely's Development Planning Unit (DPU) of University College London. For the past five years, the DPU and IILM have teamed up to offer decision makers unique access to the strategies and intelligence of world-class location marketers.

The "Millennium Events" seminar will include a wide variety of topics such as: "Why Governments are investing millions on Millennium Projects?," "Millennium Investments and Outcomes and Implementing Agencies," "The Role of Government, Local Government and the Private Sector," "Setting Outcomes in Trade and Tourism," "Determining Joint-Venture Interests among Stake-holders," and "Location Branding and Re-Inventing Destinations." In addition to seminar time, a day trip is planned to Paris to look at how the Eiffel Tower spurred on turn-of-the century trade, travel and investment. The seminar will also feature marketing analysis of the Greenwich Millennium celebrations.

For more information, write Mr. Sylvan Golden, The International Institute of Location Marketing, 9 Endsleigh Gardens, London, WC1H OED, UK, Phone: +44(0)181 577-0076, Fax: +44(0)181 577-0074, E-Mail: IILM@aol.com

On January 20th, Bill Clinton was sworn into his second term as president of the United States, the first Democrat since Roosevelt to do so. The legacy-concious president, who has built a career around the "Gone With the Wind" notion that "tomorrow is another day" evoked the millennial promise as he opened his inaugural address.

"My fellow citizens: At this last presidential inauguration of the 20th century, let us lift our eyes toward the challenges that await us in the next century. It is our great good fortune that time and chance have put us not only at the edge of a new century, in a new millennium, but on the edge of a bright new prospect in human affairs--a moment that will define our course, and our character, for decades to come. We must keep our old democracy forever young. Guided by the ancient vision of a promised land, let us set our sights upon a land of new promise."

Ten days earlier on the Mall, Clinton's "Bridge to the 21st Century" took temporary form. Associated Press reported that "workmen measured, sawed and hammered to complete a 100-foot-long predestrian ramp between two giant tents... erected for weekend concerts and exhibits." One of the exhibits was a "Millennium School House."

Time magazine asks in its latest issue, "Will the crescendo toward 2000 help Clinton beat the second-term jinx?" Their answer: "either/or." Either come 2001 the budget will be balanced and the country put on a more pragmatic approach, or come the millennium, Bill and Hillary will have self-destructed in their own personal apocalypse. As Time said, "The little foxes are in the vines"--and on the 21st century bridge as well.

Talk from the Forum:
"Here is a recap of recent conversations"

On Mon, 6 Jan 1997, peace activist Steve Diamond ommm7@rain.org characterized the interest in the year 2000 in a peculiar way:
> what's happening is that the vast millennium monster is waking from
> it's thousand year sleep... our assignment, should you accept it, is
> to make....

I was struck by Diamond's off-hand use of the term "millennium monster". I responded on Jan 7th with an inquiry:

"After all of what Richard Landes and Charles Cameron have said about the dark side of the millennium, is Steve Diamond sure he wants to use this metaphor of the "millennium monster" awakening?

While I do not share the same world view as Michael Grosso, he hits the nail on the head in his book, _The Millennium Myth_, in sharing how the millennium has seduced both western traditionalists and those today from alternative spiritual backgrounds. Still, he says we must not drop the millennial dream, but revive it through the arts, technology, etc....

> sure that the word and concept of world PEACE makes it into the
> millennium rhetoric... not an easy job, but someone's gotta do the
> heavy lifting...

One thing I like about this forum is that it helps me renew my millennial "rhetoric" according to a culture of non-violence, a culture of peace, a culture of faith.

The problem for many people (and religious people) from Magian/western civilization, is that we want the Messianic mantle for the millennium, but without the ancient values of the Messianic servant, as expressed by the hebrew prophet Isaiah, chps 40-66.

What I hear Landes saying is, "if you awaken the Messianic spirit for the millennium, you better be sure you are not playing the sourcerers apprentice."

The rhetoric of the "millennium monster" brings to mind in cultural history the Revelation of St. John, 20:7. "When the 1,000 years (or millennium) are over, Satan will be released from his prison, and will go out to deceive the nations in the four corners of the earth."

> what's happening is that the vast millennium monster is waking from
> it's thousand year sleep... our assignment, should you accept it, is to
> make

I just browsed through a book called _Hug the Monster_, by an adventurist, where he talked about conquering our greatest fears within, by reaching for personal physical triumphs, like swimming across the San Francisco Bay, etc. etc. That book obviously was not a millennial book. But any time someone uses the term "millennium monster" in western civilization, they will need to explain it, otherwise be ready to join the ranks of "Slouching toward Bethlehem" as Yeats wrote and personifed evil.

Rather than the "dawn of the New Age" what the millennium might bring is the "yawn of the New Age" if peace proponents mix their metaphors and are not speaking from the soul and spirit of the millennial tradition....

Yes, symbolic news coverage for 2000 is great, but it must rest on more than the mantra of "peace." It must spring forth in a dynamic "mega-image" that is deeply rooted in the theological, philosophical, and societal cultural histories which undergird the millennial dream of "peace on earth, goodwill toward men."

That is why in a post-modern world, a pluralistic world, we must use our rhetoric to bind society together, rather than break it apart. It is indeed hard work to be a peacemaker, but blessed work.

New Millennial Sites:
"Here are new sites in cyberspace"

Y2K COMPUTER TIME BOMB: "An irony to die for"
Millennial scholars, Richard Landes and Charles Cameron comment on how increased new coverage of the year 2000 computer problem is fueling the apocalyptic mind-set of fundamentalists. Important observations which bridge the millennial and computer communities preparing for 2000.

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