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March 1, 1997, Volume 3, Issue 4, a bi-weekly bulletin

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The Millennium Doctor Speaks
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The Millennium Doctor Speaks:
"Taking the pulse of 2000 A.D."

Just thank your lucky stars you get it first from "Let's Talk 2000™." After we did our Part One on Millennium Marketing in mid-February, U.S. News & Report called me, as well as the guests I interviewed to do their feature on this issue. Enclosed is our Part Two on the subject from a corporate market consultant.

Speaking of the leading edge? Remember how in December we talked about how Israel was putting a lid on Bethlehem 2000 and the entire peace process by moving forward unilaterally to build Jewish settlements in Arab east Jerusalem? Well, the planned Har Homa, built on confiscated land in the Shepherd's Field was the leading foreign news in major market papers last week. Clinton and Arafat just had a pow-wow on it, the first time he has ever received Arafat alone at the White House. Clinton said, "I would have preferred the decision not have been made [by Israel] because I don't think it builds confidence. It builds mistrust." The day after, Arafat took his argument to members of Congress, who give Israel $4 billion a year. More on the internal dynamics of Bethlehem 2000 in our next issue.

Our Talk 2000 Forum section carries a feature on "Igniting Jupiter--Urban Legend." This is the second time in 15 months this space tall tale has been brought to the attention of our hallowed collegium of millennial authors and activists. This time, it appears a conspiracy theorist himself posted his spin on this alleged fiendish NASA plot to save the world from a coming Ice Age in the name of Lucifer. His fantastic tale illustrates how urban legends are fed by millenarian fear.

Our second feature looks at apocalyptic programming at Fox TV. American entertainment is using millennial sensationalism, paranormal speculation and a host of other useless apocalyptic past-times to boost ratings. Somehow we need to turn the corner from millennial hype and join the conversation of civilization over how we need to change as a people if we are to be worthy to enter a new century and pass on a legacy to our children.

In view of Easter at the end of March, the next issue of "Let's Talk 2000™" will feature Holy Land 2000™ news, and the dynamics at work in Israel/Palestine which are working towards a commemorative peace process to bring global focus to the region where the first millennium began. If you have any religious news on Christ's 2,000th anniversary in the Middle East, or elsewhere around the world, please forward it to us today at talk2000@rmii.com.

News from the Field:
"Here is the latest news on year 2000 efforts."

Here is the second part of our interview with America's leading millennium marketing experts. We asked them how they see the USA charting its course in millennium preparations from now till New Year's Eve 2000. This issue of "Let's Talk 2000™" features consumer researcher, Skip Kitchen, who is developing Millennium Celebrations™ (http://www.2000celebration.com/).

T2k: In this free market system, who are America's "Millennium Market" shapers right now?

KITCHEN: Let's begin with the city level. Many cities have formed planning committees and we see this activity continuing to increase. New York, Las Vegas and Seattle, for example, have strong efforts underway. But whether civic, non-profit or commercial, there are no clear market leaders in the U.S. yet!

T2k: What can you tell us about commercial efforts?

KITCHEN: For example, Disney / ABC hasn't shared their millennium plans. The same holds true for American Express, Coke, AT&T and CNN to name a few. That doesn't millennium. I would say that most of the top 100 companies in the Fortune 500 likely have a strategic planning effort in place and are investigating options. They are asking, how can they position themselves as leaders, in their respective commercial categories, into the the next century.

T2k: How about the rest of the world?

KITCHEN: The world will sell out on New Year's Eve, in 1999. As your forum has shared, there are many, I would say many more international efforts underway. Tourism, travel and economic development are important to many countries. Government officials are asking how they can position themselves to ride the millennium wave of awareness. The key issue to be dealt with here and also in the commercial efforts is do you want to go it alone?

T2k: What do you mean by "go it alone"?

KITCHEN: Millennium efforts that will leave a lasting impact on a worldwide basis, will be those which consolidate their respective efforts in a coherent partnership with others, reaching across borders and cultural differences. Millennium clutter will be left to those whom compete on 'name' alone.

T2k: With all this millennium activity, how will the U.S distinguish itself in celebrating the new century?

KITCHEN: The millennium, whether in hype or hope is an obviously complex phenomena. Opinions, interests and efforts run the gamut. At times they conflict with each other. I think America has a great opportunity to be known by and through its millennium diversity. Don't laugh! It will distinguish itself, not through some large central commission or driven by one company, but through the splendid diversity of millennium activities and tolerance we have in the face of societies conflicting agendas. Essentially a celebration of diverse mankind. Millennium Celebrations Inc. was created to facilitate and bring meaning to that on an international, national and local level.

T2k: Is the United States behind in millennium preparations?

KITCHEN: Although it looks as though we are behind as a nation in millennium planning, our business driven culture can move forward quicker and more creatively than those nations who put the millennium into a programmatic straight jacket.

T2k: Any last thoughts about millennium hype and hope?

KITCHEN: Although not as active as some, I really appreciate Talk 2000. It is one of those internet innovations which is a millennium marketing lesson in itself for 2000. The lesson is that the speed of knowledge attained today far surpasses our ability to manage it. I dream of being able to bring about a partnership of complementary endeavors in pursuit of this millennium, from both a commercial and cultural perspective. This will truly be "one magic moment."

Talk from the Forum:
"Here is a recap of recent conversations"

Will NASA "fulfill its occult destiny" by turning the planet Jupiter into a Blazing Star? Will this millennial explosion come 2000, produce an Anno Lucis or 'Year of Light', which in turn will lead humanity into a second mythic "World Order"? Will the new Blazing Star heat the whole earth sufficiently to eliminate a coming ice age? Or will this scheme fail which will lead to the transfer humanity off this planet?

These were the trolling questions which conspiracy believer, Dan Sale (dsale@southeast.net), raised on Talk 2000 last month. One response compared Sales' allegation about NASA on Talk 2000 akin to going onto a Pet forum and asking, "How many ways are there to skin a cat?" But surprising, Sales trolling on Talk 2000 only dregged up logic and good humor, rather than consternation.

Part of Sales opener was this:
> Galileo will deliver its payload of plutonium, igniting Jupiter. The
> Plutonium will then be pulled in towards the center by gravity.... When
> the center gets dense enough and hot enough (a few x 106K), nuclear
> fusion begins.... A star is born.
> Because Jupiter's atmosphere is the same as our sun's, this new,
> heavenly body that is to enter our solar system will be a 'blue star'
> and will be considered a second sun.

Even-keel Bob McClenon (rmcclenon@syncorp.com) came back: "The reported plan by NASA to turn Jupiter into a star was first documented in this digest in November 1995. It has apparently become an 'urban legend' with a life of its own. " McClenon then went on to give a full six point line of reason refuting this Urban Legend. I summarize:

1. It is scientifically impossible for a NASA payload, if it was carrying plutonium, to ignite Jupiter, given the atmospheric dynamics of that planet.

2. If there were scientifically possible, which is not, it would not produce a second sun of any magnitude with reference to the earth, as our Sun would approximately be 25,700 times brighter than a supposed Jupiter Star (based on surface and inverse square of distance).

3. A second sun of the size of Jupiter would have less effect to extend the earth's growing season than than moon, which has no effect.

4. If any increase of light and heat came to Earth from a Jupiter Star, which is unlikely, would only add to global warming.

5. No NASA launch manifest has ever been released listing quantities of weapon-grade plutonium, instead American spacecraft have relied on solar panels or fuel cells to power their crafts or space probes.

6. Detonating a nuclear explosive on or in the vicinity of Jupiter would be considered a nuclear explosion in outer space and would violate the Moscow limited test-ban treaty of 1962 (Treaty of Moscow).

McClenon saw no truth in this supposed New Age scheme to inagurate a Luciferian age, but he had no doubt it would "continue to be repeated until 1 January 2000, when people will look to the sky to see the new star."

One of Talk 2000's leading B.S. busters, John Morse (morsej@nasd.com) chidded Sales for falling for this fable, and added to McClenon's reason:
> Let me point out a repercussion or two if NASA attempted such a thing.
> They would never get another budget through Congress.

Conspiracy theorist Sales countered:
> Some have connected the event with a supernova explosion to which the
> Egyptians viewed as Osiris the sun-god, 'Lucifer' (who was not a
> person), Illustrious son of the morning.
> Well, the world leaders happen to all be members of the Millennium
> Society who are meeting at the Great Pyramids at the turn of the century.
> Some suspect the opening of the hall of records, and the return of the
> new Blazing Star will ring in the Millennium. If such is true, Congress
> would have absolutely positively nothing to do with any part of it, as
> it would go much higher than them.

I felt this masquerade had gone on long enough. I searched the web and found Sales had posted to various fundamentalist listservs which were taken up with the notion of mega-conspiracy theories with elaborate tie-ins to the Masonics or Illuminati. I responded to his allegation against the good name of The Millennium Society this way:

> It appears Sales has made a leap of faith based on his religious
> fundamentalism. There is nothing inherently wrong with being a
> conservative Christian. But in this case Sale's conclusion about The
> Millennium Society is flat out wrong and grossly misinformed.
> Each December The Millennium Society invites 15 people or so they
> nominate as "Most Inspiring" to Millennium Ball in Egypt scheduled for
> 1999. It is a public relations stunt for news coverage.
> So I get it.... "the world's leaders happen to all be members of the
> Millennium Society," because this Society must be connected to the
> "Illuminati" or "Masonics." With all that attention,
> there has got to be a tie in somewhere to the Anti-Christ! Yes, I can f-e-e-l it. :-)
> The reality is 180-degrees in the opposite direction. The Millennium
> Society, (which I am not a member of) is largely a volunteer run group
> with an annual budget under > $100,000 (discounting the money they raise
> for educational scholarships). Some "Illuminati."

Unfortunately, Sales chose not to respond to this post. His fundamentalist fable about the year 2000, leaned up against New Age legends, is not the first, nor probably the last. This Urban Legend, it turns out, was recycled from William Cooper's book Behold a Pale Horse (1991).

One Talk 2000 participant summarized Cooper's "sources as worthless." T*m TaT*m (splatter@io.com) went onto conclude: "Cooper is a charlatan, making a living off the gullible, who has fabricated/exaggerated a background for himself. I extend my sympathies to those he's hoodwinked."

Dereck Daschke (dasc@midway.uchicago.edu), Univ. of Chicago PhD candidate asks Talk 2000:
Has anyone noticed how the Fox Network is angling to corner the market early on network apocalyptic programming? Aside from "The X-Files" and, of course, "Millennium," the Chicago news division last week carried a feature on Nostradamus' endtime prediction for May 5, 2000, and last Friday featured a gloriously histrionic and gratuitous "Doomsday: What Can We Do?", about the likelihood of "doomsday" bombs, viruses, asteroids, earthquakes, volcanoes, and climate changes hitting specific "Target Cities" in the US.

I'm sure much of this recent fare is counter-programming to NBC's "Asteroid" (which I saw the first time about 10 years ago when it was called "Meteor"). But it also makes me wonder... does Fox owner Rupert Murdock think he's playing a John the Baptist role for the billennium? Or, given the likes of "Melrose Place," "When Animals Attack," and a continued outlet for Tori Spelling, is he preparing the way for That Other Guy?

MICHAEL GROSSO, PhD. (mgrosso@warwick.net), author of The Millennium Myth, responds on Feb. 18th:
On the question of Fox Network cornering the market on apocalyptic sensationalism, it's not just Fox--it's pretty widespread and symptomatic of a general appetite for lurid excitement. The main point is that it sells. While I would not quite want to make comparisons with the degraded sensibility of late Roman times, one cannot help noticing a continually descending spiral of taste: the emphasis on gore, graphic violence, the grossly and perversely sexual, the mingling of the sensational and the supernatural, and so on, are all of a piece, and suggest to me a tired and at the same time anxious consciousness that needs continually to be battered into a sense of liveliness.

Fox Network did a special, by the way, on prophecies of the millennium. It was supposed to be aired February 15 but instead they had their doomsday special. As it happens, I was interviewed for the dropped or postponed special on the millennium. I knew what to expect and I told them I didn't believe in Nostradamus or that the world was going to end and that I was not given to sensationalizing. They still wanted to interview, so I thought, why not? Take a crack at it. I might have a chance to say something useful.

They came to my house and for well over two hours grilled me with questions that baited me to say something they could use. They kept wanting me to play up the fear angle and I kept saying most people are too busy with ordinary life to enjoy the luxury of metaphysical or apocalyptic fear. I said that people find endtime fear, like ghost stories, entertaining, a distraction from the real withering angst of personal existence, loneliness and death, and so on. I have no idea what they used of my remarks or if the show died.

New Millennial Sites:
"Here are new sites in cyberspace"

ARTS MILLENNIUM: Community Projects for Boston 2000
Here are some ideas for community based arts, humanities, internet projects to serve the Boston area as it celebrates the new century.

EARTH CONCERT 2000:A Global Telethon to Bring Humanity Together
The time has come to revive the Great Hope of a coming together of humanity as One United Family, celebrating with conscious intent the beginning of a new era of Peace, Sharing and Unity for all beings on Earth." This Canadian site contains the Earth Rainbow Network, The Earth Proclamation and Meditation Room.

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