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June 1, 1997, Volume 3, Issue 8, a bi-weekly bulletin

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The Millennium Doctor Speaks:
"Taking the pulse of 2000 A.D."

Has this been one of those slow news months for the millennium, or what?

Yes, I got word about how The Millennium Society Act (HR 1519 bill) is back on the slate of the House of Representatives, but don't expect a miracle, based on the way the U.S. Congress is plodding through its work now.

Yes, its in-between time. One year 2000 commercial group (which chooses to remain anonymous) got a cease and desist letter from U.S. Olympic lawyers. It looks like the trademark shake down we anticipated in February has started, at least for one group.

In the UK, the government changed hands and everyone is wondering what Tony Blairs' commitment will be to the millennium. Meanwhile the Millennium Dome at Greenwich has put a tall order in for their steel beams.

Speaking of beams, if you haven't visited the new Eiffel Tower 2000 site, surf over to Paris right away. As you know, the Eiffer Tower was built as Paris' century end salute to technology a hundred years ago. Now the folks there have figured out millions will look to the Tower again for signals about this century's end. See the site URL in our web section.

I guess the real news this month comes from France. Our lead story shares how the French are setting their sail toward a new inspiration in light of the new millennium.

News from the Field:
"Here is the latest news on year 2000 efforts."

Marseille--Under the banner of "In 2000, France, Europe, the World. A New Inspiration," the French government's "The Mission for the Celebration of the Year 2000" recently announced its appointment of navigator Bruno Peyron, as its millennial "Ambassador over the Oceans" to create and lead the ultimate round-the-world sailboat race.

Bruno Peyron, who is first winner of the Jules Verne Trophy (for sailing around the world in less than 80 days) has appropriately dubbed this unprecedented adventure in sailing, "La Course/La Race." The millennial race will get underway on 31 December 2000. France is bidding to be its port of departure as a fitting way to celebrate its entry into the third millennium.

Organizers claim La Course/The Race will encourage technological innovation. Architects and sailors will be free to create and enter "vessels of the twenty-first century," with numerous innovations.

La Course/The Race will also be an adventure in communications. Not only will Bruno Peyron's vessel the Explorer serve as ambassador for the voyage in various ports from now until 2000, but the French government has promised to involve students in France in the preparations for the race through preparatory activities, event coverage, and the exploration of the economic, scientific, oceanographic, geographic, and cultural dimensions of the countries along the route.

The French "Mission for the Celebration of the Year 2000" becomes the second major partner (along with Disneyland Paris) to support this project, which has already attracted 67 candidates from 17 different countries including Japan, the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, New Zealand, and Sweden.

Peyron's Explorer has left France to be in Los Angeles on 7 July for the departure of the Transpacific, a 2,200-mile race that will conclude in Honolulu. Among the participants in this competition is the current record-holder, the American Steve Fosset, who will be piloting his trimaran Lakota. A number of big international names in the world sailing circuit will be aboard the Explorer, as it hoists the banner of French technology for multihull sailing ships. Source: The Mission for the Celebration of the Year 2000,http://www.celebration2000.gouv.fr/

Millennium Celebrations Inc. of Chicago has announced a new proprietary program to help municipalities create a MAP2000™ or "Marketing Activity Plan 2000" for the turn of the century season. Millennium Celebrations president, Skip Kitchen, m2000celeb@aol.com, claims the MAP2000™ process is helping cities and corporations "take the guess work out of managing strategies to move forward." The MAP2000™ program, which involves on-site consulting by Kitchen and his associates, guides groups in a three step process, 1) discovery of their event marketing objectives, 2) development of a customized marketing plan, and 3) implementation of commemorative programs. Kitchen, whose background is in corporate marketing, estimates some 50 cities and 100 major corporations across the U.S. are right now working through their marketing strategy for 1999-2000. Millennium Celebrations™ will send a 9-page prospectus to any corporate or community official on the MAP2000™ approach. Requests on letterhead can be sent by FAX to: (630) 654-2308. Source: talk2000@rmii.com

Talk from the Forum:
"Here is a recap of recent conversations"

Time Magazine recently ran an article by Bruce Handy entitled, "Turn-off of the Century: What if They Gave A Millennium and Nobody Came?" May 5, 1997.

The thrust of the essay is the new millennialism, witnessed by crazy comet enthusiasts, serial-killer of the week TV shows, or conspiracy crazed trial watchers is well on the way of playing itself out. Newspaper and magazines have now regularly catalogued the subject and merchandizers are increasingly mining it for obscure meaning. Can anything 2000 brings top the fall of communism, the O.J. Trial, or the Oklahoma Bombing verdict? Maybe this isn't end time--just quiet time, Handy asserts. For those looking for an early dose of century-end cynicism, check out Handy's article.

One recent highlight from the Talk 2000 Forum was a post by Charles Cameron hipbone@earthlink.net featuring his new "Millennium Concentrate" bulletin. In what will be a regular feature, Cameron helps people recognize and perhaps innoculate themselves against toxtic apocalyptic web sites. It's well worth a bookmark.

New Millennial Sites:
"Here are new sites in cyberspace"

THE EIFFEL TOWER: The World-wide Observatory of the Year 2000
From the top of the Eiffel Tower, here is everything you always wanted to know about the year 2000, including its history, events, and future. A first class site in French and English.

CALENDARLAND:Five billion people... and we are all marking time
A comprehensive calendar web, covering Celestial Calendars, Religious Calendars, Holidays, Calendar Reform, Web & Interactive Calendars and Calendar software.

Contact Information:
"Your link to the third millennium"

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