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August 1, 1998, Volume 4, Issue 8, a monthly bulletin

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The Millennium Doctor Speaks
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The Millennium Doctor Speaks:
"Taking the pulse of 2000 A.D."

Day 500 until the arrival of the Year 2000 is upon us in less than three weeks. Much of our news this month focuses on this milestone. The "Tree Island Millennium Gathering," sponsored by three groups, is celebrating this milestone with many peace activists in Klamath Falls, Oregon--see our feature.

Then the Billennium(r) organizing committee, led by Mark Mitten is launching two new web sites come August 19th. We have a report on one reproduced below, which reveals consumer attitudes to the Millennium's turn. Y2K continues to dominate news coverage of 2000, and could do well do so for the next quarter, given the nature of the problem. But most people still have great expectations for 2000 and want to make the millennium meaningful in their lives.

Our web section reports on one religious groups which is non-apocalyptic about the millennial transition---a rare breed given the "Armaggedon" sensationalism raging in this century-end climate.

In case you missed it, our daily Talk 2000 forum can now be searched online via the web. Escribe--"the mailing archive" has posted our *daily discussion* forum conversations, dating back to our September 1995 inception. This is a virtual gold mine for leaders, authors, journalists or activists, who want to trace the development of a year 2000 product, agenda or celebration, as discussed by Talk 2000 colleagues. Bookmark your web browser to http://www.escribe.com/history/2000ad

News from the Field:
"Here is the latest news on year 2000 efforts."

Chicago, July 21, 1998: The millennium is looming increasingly large in the public consciousness according to the newly released "The Official Millennium Survey™." Commissioned by the Billennium Organizing Committee, the study shows that more than three quarters of the people surveyed (78%) have a very positive outlook on the millennium with 28% already viewing it as a meaningful historical event.

Most people's plans for celebrating the millennium are not yet defined, with only about 1/3 of adults and older teens reporting they are already thinking that far ahead. The Official Millennium Survey surveyed participants on the appeal of a broad range of celebration ideas ranging from The Best of the Twentieth Century to Times Square 2000 to Disney's EPCOT Millennium to ABC-TV's The Century to historical retrospectives to religious retreats and global concerts. The results were striking and surprising. "There's tremendous speculation over how everyone wants to celebrate something that hasn't happened before," says Mark Mitten, President of the Billennium Organizing Committee. "Now we know exactly how people want to do to celebrate the Year 2000; and it's not what you might naturally assume," he adds.

Mitten goes on to say, "People feel privileged to witness the millennium. They want to be able to tell their grandchildren about what happened and what they did." More than a quarter of the people polled (26%) are already planning to do something special to celebrate the millennium. "There is a growing sense the millennium will be a profound milestone in people's lives, an opportunity to stop and start anew," says Mitten.

To make sense of what the millennium means to the average American and how they want to celebrate, the organizers of The Billennium(r), The Official Celebration of the Year 2000™, recently commissioned The Official Millennium Survey™ to answer millennium-related questions. The sweeping study was conducted among 1,000 American households by National Family Opinion Research, the nation's leading provider of insight into the needs, behaviors with the largest panel of households and consumers in the world.

"Millennium fever is about to burst forth with a force that is likely to shake even the most seasoned observers of the human behavior," says Mark Mitten, president of The Billennium(r) The Official Celebration of the Year 2000™. "Few people will escape the impact, and with public interest growing, corporate America is already looking for ways to capitalize on celebrating the Year 2000," adds Mitten.

The study has identified seven segments of consumer behavior, each with a distinctive perspective on what the millennium means to them and how to celebrate it. These segments include Self Improvers, Global Intenders, Worry Warts and Hype Haters among others. "It (the millennium) is extremely complicated. By looking at people's attitudes, we get deeper insight as to what their real interest in the millennium is," says Mitten.

Established in 1991 the Billennium Organizing Committee, The Billennium(r) The Official Celebration of the Year 2000(tm) is the only global brand for celebrating the millennium. Further information is available at http://www.billennium.com

For those who would like to take part in The Official Millennium Survey, make sure to visit the official Web site, www.2000survey.com, with a projected mid- August launch date. Source: information@billennium.com

Syndy Ng, an international business major, has issued a call to local charities and businesses in Seattle to help her and fellow students at the University of Washington create a Mealennium™ Miracle for the city's poor on January 1, 2000.

"If doesn't matter if you have formal clothes or not, you are welcome to come to this meal if you are in need," says Ng. From April to May '98, the Mealennium(tm) project team contacted potential sponsors all across the Seattle area. Based on their research they came to the conclusion to host their Millennium's Day dinners in local high school gyms. Ng claims, "We will have white tablecloths, formal dining wear and waiters and waitresses with the kindest, friendliest smiles."

Ng, who speaks both Cantonese and Mandarin, has already created a Mealennium(tm) flag to symbolize the event. "I wanted this very meaningful event to project an everlasting image in everyone's mind. This event is for people of all races, no discrimination whatsoever." Ng's colorful flag depicts people holding hands, around a food horn of plenty.

"Let history be made that in this world, there was for at least one day, when everydoby had a heart, everybody worked together, and everybody cared." The Seattle team is looking for volunteers from around the world to create a Mealennium(tm) Miracle in their own city. Volunteers can email Syndi syndy@u.washington.edu or call 206-649-8771. After 2000, Ng plans to work in marketing for a corporation in the Pacific Rim. Source: Let's Talk 2000, talk2000@rmi.net

The promise of a "New Century, New World" will be celebrated this month at the Tree Island Millennium Gathering in Klamath Falls, near the Oregon-California border. Organizers expect more than 100 peace and transformational activists to "connect, celebrate and collaborate" in view of bringing a deeper sense of community to the world's approaching millennium celebrations.

During the August 18 - 20th conference, artist Fred Stern will work with the local Fire Department and large scale pumps to generate a natural rainbow in the sky as large as 2,000 feet across, to dramatize the promise of peace and global unity. The rainbow will be visible from the nearby Oregon Institute of Technology.

"It is so exciting I can barely stand it!" claims Jeanie Curtis, a volunteer preparing for the Tree Island event. "Its like a E ticket at Disneyland." Planning for this spiritual "family reunion" began last March, when Linda Grover, New York Times bestselling author, completed a new novel about a mythical island in the heart of Kamath Lake. For organizers, "Tree Island" is a symbol for the promise of "a sustainable future through connection with a deep past and a heedful present."

In addition to the local "22nd Century Group" organizers, the gathering will also be sponsored by the One Day Foundation of Santa Barbara, CA and the Millennium Institute of Arlington, VA.

Dr. Hillel Schwartz hschwartz@ucsd.edu, "dean" of year 2000 authors and senior fellow at the Millennium Institute claims, "This grassroots conference is not about a single idea, it is precisely about follow-through, namely, in what creative ways, and through which avenues can the groups planning millennium events/programs collaborate in next 18 months?"

As program chairperson for the gathering, Schwartz has planned a schedule for the Tree Island Gathering to model that collaboration for the new century, from sharing plans for the year 2000, creating a cumulative calendar of events and projects, to celebrating Day500 before 2000 in the Klamath Falls community through hands-on work parties to help children.

Next to First Night International, very few projects have tapped into the power of people finding meaning during the millennial year of 2000 by hosting working parties in their local community. Organizers hope this pattern of work and play might shape the way people apply their millennial enthusiasm in the months following New Years 2000. Information on the Tree Island Gathering can be found at: http://www.treeisland.com

His friends know him as a character, always carrying something in his pocket to thrill them. These days Marc Polish gets his big kicks by walking into a dimly lit room with the numbers 2000 glowing from his glasses. "These Glow Year Glasses have put a smile on everybodies face that have seen them," claims Polish sedonamax@aol.com who is a primary distributor of the molded plastic eye-wear.

Besides attention-starved folks, who would buy Glow Year Glasses for 2000? "Millions of people," states Polish. "There are three markets, first the diploma market--or anyone graduating in 2000 from middle, high school, or college. Then there is the promotional market, whether of radio stations, or an eyeglass chain with 2000 in their product name. Finally there is the millennium market, anyone who wants a souvenir for New Year's 2000. This is the party favor for the biggest celebration in history!"

Individually packaged in a plastic bag with a header card and peg or J-hook ready, the Glow Year Glasses are retail ready and can be ordered at a distributor price of $2.00 in quantities of 48, dropping to $1.25 for quantities of 2,400. Companies can also have their name, logo or new millennium greeting imprinted on the front of the glasses for a small charge. If you are interested in Glow Year Glasses as a fundraiser for your year 2000 cause, view a picture of them at http://www.pl8s4u.com/2000.htm Source: Let's Talk 2000, talk2000@rmi.net

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Talk from the Forum:
"Here is a recap of recent conversations"

Don Toppin is the co-chairman of the Great Millennium Campaign, grtmill@idirect.com>, in Toronto, Canada. As an educator, futurist, song-writer and lecturer, he has been heralding the arrival of a better millennium since 1980. Here is an essay he recently wrote in a continuing series.

2000! Two years to go! Yes! In only two years, or less, the magical moment will arrive at 12 oclock midnight in Toronto, and at other time zones, before and beyond.

Two years from tonight, the cosmic odometer will roll over and all the Nines (1999) will change to Zeros (2000) and that thousand-year-old One (1000) will change to a brand new Two (2000). The Third Millennium will begin on January 1, 2001. It sounds simple!

But, as Time Magazine noted in 1992, the Millennium has a gravitational pull that draws in the larger meanings. The Third Millennium represents nothing less than the virtual death and rebirth of history.

This experience may be very wonderful, or very weird, or both. It has the potential of becoming very great because the larger millennial vision can embrace the Spirit of 2000 through thousands of people, events and projects which have already changed history.

The Spirit of 2000 is with us and has been for many, many years. (e.g. Mankind 2000, Vision 2000, etc.) The Spirit of 2000 has flourished in such mega-concepts as Healthy Cities, East/West Relations, Destruction of Land Mines, etc. It represents the power of anticipatory thinking and planning which is positive and dynamic.

We are surrounded by influences which are changing us. We in turn are influencing the changes. In fact, that is why we should celebrate and give thanks. It is a miracle that humankind has not been destroyed.

Although the magic of the Year 2000 has been recognized for some time, the recognition of the collective psychology power of foresight, vision and hope as cultural force on a global basis is only recent and still rare.

Even now the social costs of fear (the opposite of hope), are rarely understood, although trillions of dollars are devoured by fear each year. An explosion of understanding is needed. The Year 2000 will surely create and enhance understanding at many levels.

Never before has the opportunity existed to link words, thoughts, and hopes with the six billion inhabitants of the global village. Everyone should have the opportunity to participate and share.

Since communication is global, the social atmosphere can rise quickly. Indeed environment and health have become the two main issues according to public opinion polls. Environment and health are also two issues on which people can take action immediately.

Awareness, through such concepts as foresight and vision, magnifies the metaphysics of hope. As hope increases, attitudes and behaviours become more positive, more productive and less costly. As group consciousness increases the social costs of fear decrease.

The process is already under way. The information-knowledge network is growing. The interconnections are vast. Awareness is rapidly expanding. Scope and excellence are becoming visible.

At this moment, we modestly envision earth-encircling Great Millennium Global Singalongs on January 1, 2000 to celebrate peaceful progress. Then, one year later, on January 1, 2001, we will welcome the Twenty First Century and Third Millennium which already has the option of becoming truly great.

We are already an informal network of autonomous people and organizations who are involved in what has been called The Most Far-Reaching Initiative in Human History. Relevant discussions and conferences have been happening for years. The parts are coming together.

All human beings on Earth, whether they know it or not, are already involved in the shaping process for better or worse. Clearly worse could be fatal!

However, since this is the first Millennium for the electronic global which transcends boundaries and barriers, a positive vision is justified. Before the advent of 1000 AD some forecast the arrival of the Kingdom of Heaven while others forecast the Apocalypse and the End of the World.

This time it is highly valid to forecast an end to a world of madness and ignorance and the arrival of a Great Millennium of peace, well-being, understanding and harmony. Seeds have already been planted which are beginning to sprout. Although no one can do everything, everyone can do something. Individually and collectively, we can make our own unique gifts to posterity.

New Millennial Sites:
"Here are new sites in cyberspace"

AFTERLIFE:"The Ultimate Hereafter Game on CD-Rom"
From the makers of Star Wars comes this "SimCity" like world-building strategy simulation, where players build the heaven and hell of an alien world and assist wayward "souls" to their final resting places. Pennies from Heaven pay for construction. As souls arrive, players must zone and develop areas for the seven deadly sins and their respective virtues; balance divine/demonic work forces and anticipate terrestial disasters. Poor management releases a devasting visit from the The Four Surfers of the Apocalypso.

LIVING PRESENCE: "Fulfilled Prophecy and Eschatology in the Bible"
This Christian ministry interprets the "last days" as events in the first century to demonstrate how the New Covenant which Christ brought restored the Living Presence of God among humanity. This preterist web site includes on-line articles as well as an overview of seminars, books, tapes and journals which can be ordered on realized eschatology.

THAT WACKY MILLENNIUM! "Stuff That Happened from 1001 C.E. to 2000 C.E."
To wrap up the Second Millennium, creative thinker Roger M. Wilcox offers his take via a chronology on the Days Gone By.

THE MILLENNIUM IS COMING! "Cosmic Disaster in 2000 or Failed Prophecy?"
Head astronomer John Mosley, from the L.A. Griffith Observatory challenges millennium predictions by astrologers, psychics, and doomsayers with astronomical observations. Special attention given to the "Jupiter Effect," Nostradamus in 1999, and Richard Noone's 5/5/2000 catastrophe. This article was reprinted in Skeptic magazine, originally published in Planetarian, the Journal of the International Planetarium Society.

Contact Information:
"Your link to the third millennium"

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