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Cover: The Star of 2000 News Release:
from Bimillennial Press

"Author Sees New Star of Bethlehem"
September 1, 1994

"New Book Challenges New Age"
March 15, 1995

Author Sees New "Star of Bethlehem"
Two-thousand years ago a light high in the heavens inspired the Magi to embark upon a journey of hope, which led to the Christ Child. Now according to Jay Gary, author of The Star of 2000, a new star of Bethelem has appeared. The modern day star he sees is the year 2000"a magnet hung in time."
"The attraction of the year 2000 has really touched the popular imagination," says Gary. "Reaching far beyond human understanding, the turn of the millennium has already galvanized attention worldwide."
Until recently, Gary says, we may have only thought about the year 2000 as the biggest New Year's Eve in 1,000 years. He feels the year 2000 can now be seen as the most meaningful Christmas in 2,000 years. After all, "The magic of the year 2000 is what it is primarily because it's the two-thousandth anniversary of Christ coming to earth."
The Star of 2000 is the first book to anticipate this historical anniversary season of Christ. Through stories, projections and inspiration it describes how these commemorations will unfold from 1999 to 2001 to become the the "greatest celebration in the history of civilization."
Gary says preparations for the Jubilee Year are well underway. One group is working in the Middle East to retrace the original Journey of the Magi to Bethlehem. Pope John Paul is making bimillennial plans to visit the Holy Land. And the March for Jesus movement is attracting millions to their annual countdown marches in honor of Christ.

Originally released September 1, 1995 by Bimillennial Press


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Title: The Star of 2000: Our journey toward hope
Author: Jay Gary
Publisher: Bimillennial Press, 1994
Price: $10.95, $4.00 S&H
Pages: 175, paperback
ISBN: 0-9641388-0-8

Credentialed media may request a review copy, or schedule an interview with the author by contacting 1-719-636-2000.

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