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Cover: The Star of 2000 Contents
"The Star of 2000"

"Preface: A Magnet Hung in Time"
"Prologue: A Parable of the 4th WiseMan"

1. The Bimillennial Era Has Begun
Meet Disney's Mr. Celebration · the 2,000th birthday of Jesus · the Journey of the Magi 2000 · from bicentennial to bimillennial · the celebration of centuries

2. Unwrap History's Mystery
A man without equal · the incomparable Christ · tributes from world leaders · the mystery of the ages · worship His majesty · it's about Him, not us

3. Something Beautiful for God
Extraordinary devotion · awareness of a great year coming · a new advent among denominations · mission groups take aim on A.D. 2000 · a new wind is blowing

4. The Reason for the Season
The greatest Christmas ever · the actual vs. the anniversary date of Jesus' birth · did we protest or parade for Columbus? · the legacy of Jesus · come to the mountaintop

5. A Powerful Mega-image
A single great idea · the five A.D. 2000 mega-images · threshold 2000 · trends 2000 · agenda 2000 · renewal 2000 · is something more needed?

6. We Are the Jubilee Generation
The 50th year of liberty · Jesus opened a perpetual jubilee · the Holy Year tradition · our rendezvous with destiny · freedom for the jubilee generation · celebrate the celebrity · start at year zero · let My people worship Me

7. The Anniversary Attraction
Millennium's eve parties · a world thanksgiving year · both C.E. 2000 and A.D. 2000 · taking our cities to God · steps to spiritual procession · the anniversary axioms

8. A Symphony of Praise
The hymn of the universe · a new orchestration · a crescendo of prayer · one great offering of worship · the temple of living stones · an eternal cathedral of praise

9. The March of the Millennium
Marches defined this century · a greater march to the throne of God · shine, Jesus, shine · the March for Jesus movement

10. The Celebration of Civilization
The banquet of life · the unfinished task · the cradle of civilization · quit the race, find the grace · the riches of culture · do this in remembrance of Me

11. Light Two Thousand Candles
2,000 angels by 2000 · happy birthday Jesus · millions of little lights · 25 ways to light a candle for Christ · in your heart · in your home · in your community · in your world

12. Builders for the Third Millennium
A spiritual dream · prepare a highway for God · The two bimillennials · smashing a thousand year conspiracy · the quest for the unknown · reaching the Star of 2000

Epilogue: A Prayer of the Fourth Wise Man
A. Discussion Guide
B. Bibliography
C. Resource Directory
D. Glossary

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