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Cover: The Star of 2000 "Preface: A Magnet Hung in Time"

"Prologue: A Parable of the Fourth Wise Man"

"Highlights from The Star of 2000"

Preface: The Star of 2000

Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are . . .

A Magnet Hung in Time
Little children are fascinated by their power to attract and repel. As adults, we hardly give any thought to the magnets which surround us. Little do we realize how our lives have been shaped by a huge magnet hung in time: the year 2000.
Reaching far beyond human understanding, the attraction of the year 2000 has touched the popular imagination. We should almost expect something to happen in the cosmos, so that we might read this great date in the sky.
It's become commonplace to imagine how the change of the calendar from 1999 to 2000 and the advent of the third millennium in 2001 will galvanize attention around the world. Hundreds of products are now marketed with a year 2000 product label, and the media refers regularly to the anticipation of the biggest New Year's Eve in a thousand years.
What we have yet to see in reference to the turn of the millennium is Jesus, the Star of 2000. We have yet to realize that the civilization which began with His birth, some 2,000 years ago, will soon commemorate His bimillennial. He is the real attraction of the magnet year 2000.
Personally, I am in awe of Jesus of Nazareth. Everything about Him astounds me. The way He spoke, the way He healed, the way He came into this world and left it while still remainingit all amazes me.
No one would let the 100th anniversary of their grandmother's birth go by without giving her a tremendous birthday celebration. In a similar way, we shouldn't let the 2,000th anniversary of the birth of Jesus pass by without giving Him a magnificent tribute. In His honor, the year 2000 ought to be the most significant celebration in the history of civilization.
The first half of this book looks at the significance of the year 2000 and asks, "Why should Jesus' bimillennial be celebrated?" In this section you will discover why Jesus is in a class all by Himself, and meet various "Magi" who have seen His star. You'll also learn how the anticipation of the most memorable Christmas ever will affect society well before A.D. 2000.
The second half of the book asks, "How could our cities celebrate Christ's 2,000th jubilee?" Chapters 8 to 11 look at some possibilities: extraordinary prayer, festivals of praise, public processions and intercultural celebrations. You will also find ideas on how Christ might be honored in your life, family, and community as you look to A.D. 2000.
If you would like to see Christ publicly honored during this bimillennial era of 19992001, this book is for you.
As you set your sight on the Star of 2000, may you be drawn past the party of 2000 to the person of Christ. Like the Magi, may you reach your destination on this historic journey in time to give Him your greatest gift.

Jay Gary, the Millennium Doctor
June 25, 1994
Colorado Springs

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Releases Excerpts Reviews Endorsed Contents Author Interview
Book: The Star of 2000

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