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Cover: The Star of 2000 Endorsements
"Praise for The Star of 2000"

Creative, electrifying, exciting . . . My mind and heart are aflame.

President, Multnomah College

This anointed guide tells us clearly, its the Person not the party who is the Star of 2000.

Galloping Gourmet

Just as the angels once surprised the shepherds with amazing news, so The Star of 2000 will delight readers everywhere with good news of great joy about Jesus and A.D. 2000.

President, Campus Crusade for Christ

What an important book. My perspective of the new millennium has just been profoundly shifted. My purpose now is to celebrate the birthday of Jesus. I wish everyone would read this book.

Author, The 10 Greatest Gifts I Give My Children

Jay Gary has written an in-depth look at this upcoming, unprecedented time in history, A.D. 2000. He calls forth the "jubilee generation" to be liberated from all the violence, emotional bondage and darkness of the heart, which is endemic to our age. He offers hope that the "odometer of history" will be reset to "zero." This is a prophetic call to hope amidst the travails of end times!!


The Star of 2000 is a wonderfully engaging book . . . We become so wrapped up with "winning our world" that we can lose the wonder of the person, Jesus of Nazareth.

President, Evangelical Fellowship of Mission Agencies

The Star of 2000 describes a unique opportunity that the church of Jesus Christ has
--the end of one millennium and the start of another on 1 January 2001. Keep it on your desk . . . [and] refer to it regularly.

Author, World Christian Encyclopedia

Not since the publication of Megatrends 2000 has a book grasped the awesome potential of the year 2000. Jay Gary has a global vision which surpasses denominational, racial and national barriers. He can already hear the music of the approaching Jubilee. He sees a new star of Bethlehem. His book will expand your vision and bring you hope. It is a book for all those who believe the best days of the church are still ahead!

Vision 2000, United Methodist Church

Jay Gary's unique and insightful book, The Star of 2000, is a dynamic wake-up call to history's greatest celebration ever--the 2,000th anniversary of Christ's birth. Jay Gary helps us dream of what this celebration could mean to honor and exalt Christ during this bimillennial if we'll just seize the moment to unwrap history's greatest treasure--the Lord Jesus Christ, Himself.

President, Every Home for Christ

One of the rarest commodities in today's world is genuine hope . . . This book makes me want to celebrate!

Urban Ministries, Youth With a Mission

Some are called to carry out good strategy, others to lead them in doing so. A few, however, are actually called to be forerunners, pioneering the seed-thoughts which spawn tomorrow's strategies. Jay Gary, in his timely book, The Star of 2000, has opened an entirely new frontier of thought and activity for the church of the '90s. Unique. Enlightening. Scholarly. Inspirational. Interesting. Rarely can all of these words be used to describe one book, but here it is. As you read it you'll agree with Jay, "Let the celebration begin!"

Author, Intercessory Prayer

There is a sign over my desk that reads, "Come Holy Spirit, pour down upon us a gift of creative genius for the Year 2000." In The Star of 2000, Jay Gary shows this gift in a variety of ways. Among the many creative ideas he shares are "25 ways to light a candle for Christ by the year 2000." If you are looking for inspiration and challenge in anticipation of the year 2000, here is a book well worth reading, and praying over as well.

Evangelization 2000

The Star of 2000 is not only well researched and written, but it tugs at the emotions and heartstrings of hope for all people. With a ring of objectivity, yet combined with a realization of the divinity of Jesus, life is truly manifested in the chapters. Glory to God in the highest! May the year 2000 truly be the benchmark for all humanity!

Film/Television Producer

Jay Gary has discovered and effectively documented the quintessence of the bimillennium--the universal invitation to celebrate the person and impact of Jesus Christ! In a very readable style, this volume provides a biblical and historical perspective of the significance of A.D. 2000. Enthusiasm and hope will spring up in those who read this book! I heartily recommend it to every Christian and world leader.

Senior Elder, Church of the King

This is an incredibly prophetic book. Jay Gary has peered into the spirit realm and drawn from God's secret place. He declares that the church must prepare a celebration, a festival for, about and with Jesus, our honored guest and royal Bridegroom. The Star of 2000 is infused with biblical revelation of fullness, sonship, maturity, and perfection of the glorious triumphant church--the Feast of Tabernacles. Read the book.

Pastor, Eagle's Nest Church

The Star of 2000 can set a powerful agenda for pastors, churches, missions and the media. This positive message of the all glorious Jesus supersedes the doom and gloom prognosticators of this decade.

Holy Spirit Renewal Ministries, American Baptist Churches

A global celebration of unparalleled magnitude is about to begin. The Star of 2000 is an invitation and challenge to lift this occasion to its loftiest height in honor of the only one worthy of this tribute, Jesus! Jay Gary masterfully offers the meaning and importance of A.D. 2000 to your family, church and city. Don't miss this unique book!

The JESUS Project

Do you need a fresh infusion of hope in your life? Jay Gary provides it in vast quantities in The Star of 2000. Even more, he stimulates many creative options for putting that hope to work for you . . . and for Christ. Your heart will sing!

President, Concerts of Prayer International

Releases Excerpts Reviews Endorsed Contents Author Interview
Book: The Star of 2000

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