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Recovering Humanity's Hope

a seminar with Jay Gary

When life hurts and dreams fade, where do we find hope? After a troubled century, can humanity recover its hope for the third millennium? When we just see the end, how can God make all things new?

This seminar explores various biblical alternatives to "end of the age" thinking. It reexamines the last days thinking of Jesus as a reference to the end of the Old Covenant world, rather than the end of the time-space continuum.

For years I lived in eschatological illiteracy, thinking that apocalyptic obsession was a harmless pursuit of bible prophecy enthusiasts. Now after 20 years of evangelical ministry and civic endeavors, I believe we must awaken from eschatological illiteracy, confront the addictions of doomsday thinking, and embrace the creative aspects of fulfilled hope.
Recovering Humanity's Hope, Sessions:

1. Beyond Millennial Madness
Recovering from millennial fever, its addictions to "redemptive violence" and misguided messianism. Moving beyond millennial memes and apocalyptic spirituality with its self-serving conspiracism, militancy and paranoia.

2. The Hope of Restoration
How Jesus reaffirmed and redefined the hope of Israel as a counter-temple movement. He launched a creative future that that transformed the conventional religious worlds of his day..

3. New Covenant Realities
How Christ has fulfilled the promises of previous covenants to Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses and David, to establish an eternal kingdom, a universal temple, a heavenly city on earth which is entered by faith.

4. Postponement Theology
How Hellenistic Christianity has dealt with apocalyptic thinking by embracing dualisms such as time and eternity, or body and spirit. How a contextual view of the kingdom can take us beyond polarized, parallelized or prioritized concepts of history into the open spaces of God.

5. Recovering the Church's Mission
How can biblical renewal lead to the recovery of the church's full mission in the 21st century?

Questions for Discussion:

1. How does apocalyptic obsession negate the mission of the church today?

2. What were Jesus aims with respect to Israel's renewal? How did this relate to the cross and the resurrection? How did he express his vision for his generation?

3. Beyond the finished work of Christ on the cross, how has the perpetuation of the "myth of redemptive violence" undermined the church's mission?

4. If all aspects of the New Covenant are fulfilled, what implications does this have for the church in the third millennium?

5. How do we nurture hopeor forward looking spirituality within our own lives and others?

6. How must the church change in order to engage society's future?


"Eschatology and the Future of the Church" by Jay Gary

Call us today at 1-719-636-2000 to schedule a plenary or multi-session program.

The Star The Journey The Gift The Hope The Future
Series by Jay Gary

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